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Re: Hi I'm Luiza Nunes, a rare gender in PTC network \o\

PostPosted: 04 Jun 2013, 06:47
by PTCplayer
Hello dear Luiza Nunes,
You're welcome in our community, glad to meet with you. :)

Yah you're right we are satisfy with this site and with our Admin. I think the main reason for our satisfaction is "Our Admin gives attention to our advices, suggestions, objection, our likes and dislikes. He tries to solve our problem and issues as quickly as possible."

We're not not only earning here, we also enjoy here with the contests, raffles and bonuses. You'll see here contests or bonuses in every month. So, we get opportunities to earn some extra income from our regular earning.

I hope you will enjoy here. Wish you good luck and good earning. :)