I want PTR Emails also

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I want PTR Emails also

Postby 7wendyz7 » 30 Aug 2013, 21:34

I was browsing the site to see what more is offered that I could earn and increase my account balance. I am happy with the events and contests because I have the chance to participate but I am sad because ever since I have joined bucks247, I haven't received any PTR emails. Is it because of my location? How I wish I could also be avail that offer in the future.
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Re: I want PTR Emails also

Postby PTCplayer » 30 Aug 2013, 23:27

Dear 7wendyz7,
To receive PTR email you need a “buxMAIL” email address.
If you don’t have any “buxMAIL” email address then go http://www.buxmail.com and create an email address. Now go to “Account Settings” page, click on “PTR Settings” tab, submit your bux email address here; check daily your inbox and read the emails.

How to read PTR emails:
Go to http://www.buxmail.com/
Sign in at BuxMail.
After sign in you will redirect to your inbox.
Now click on the email title, it will open the email.
At the bottom of email you will see a "round button" titled as "Get PAID", click on it.
It will open "Confirm paid email" page, now click on the banner. If there is no banner then there will a link, click on the link.
It will open advertiser's website, stay there till the page loads.
After reading the page close the window.
Now come back to "Confirm paid email" page and confirm the captcha. That's all. ;)

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Re: I want PTR Emails also

Postby Amjad1 » 31 Aug 2013, 17:51

To get PTR emails, you should have an account on Buxmail.com .. And when you create an account there, do add that account to your bucks247 account. Then you will receive daily paid to read emails and after confiming that mail, credit goes to your bucks247 account directly :)
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