Scam sites growing like Onions

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Scam sites growing like Onions

Postby labao11 » 25 Dec 2013, 04:48

Hi, it´s just about, to give ya a good advice, folks. It´s Christmas time, everbody got a lot of time to surf around, of courde, many new "promising" sites did and will still open their doors. But, when you go to Scam adviser, and see there, how many from them already have an alarm, amazingly.

But of course, they knew, people are willing to spend a lot of money around this time, and they make many traps.

Stay cool in this business, the good ones will come next year, probably 2 or three, like this year. 90% goes on scam again.

Better spend your money in the good things, maybe here :b247:

See ya and a happy new year, peace.
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