$3 raffle - Ended: 27th July 2013

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Re: $3 raffle - Ended: 27th July 2013

Postby helgathecat » 28 Jul 2013, 09:33

bizmark wrote:I love the Raffles because everyone has a fair chance of winning.
I am looking forward to the next Raffle.
Congratulations to all the other winners ;)
Remember, if you don't enter, you can't win !

bizmark :dance:

So right words! Congratulations to all! :D (even if you are not a winner like me :pardon: ) and I am waiting with impatience for the next raffle! :)
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Re: $3 raffle - Ended: 27th July 2013

Postby pokeplayerhq » 28 Jul 2013, 14:54

I was wondering about the $5 I found in my PB. Now I know why!

Not often I win a raffle. To be honest, I have bad luck with them. :pardon:

Anyways, thanks for the extra $5! This will help me. :)
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