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Postby PTCplayer » 25 Apr 2013, 00:19

helgathecat wrote:Why to leave? The lower price, the less time to click. :|
I have several referrals they don't click all ads daily they click only the ads of higher value. And I advertise here; when I place a Fixed Ad, it receives about 1,000 hits in a day. But when I place a Micro Ad, it receives about 2,000 hits in a day.

helgathecat wrote:And it's done now I like it, it's more comfortable for me (I guess for others too).
I liked your this proposal and I am happy to see that our Admin did it.

helgathecat wrote:... AdGrid I do not like it, maybe because of the same picture every day. Is it possible to change it from time to time? :oops:
I give you +1. I hope our Admin will consider this.
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Postby wadestler » 25 Apr 2013, 22:06

I like PTC and MicroJobs the most because with MicroJobs you can earn a lot in a short time. Also I love the feature of BuxBonus, because if you have enough tasks done, you get free 5 cents. I so love it.
I dislike the Adgrid because it is slow and I never win anything with it, but to be honest I am not into these kinds of things in general.
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Postby tamanhpham » 26 Apr 2013, 04:14

I like many things of Bucks247:
- HONEST, HELPFUL and FRIENDLY admin, moderator
- Lots of ways to earn money: contest, buxbonus...
- Price for upgrade and payment
- Stable site
- ...

It's really hard to win Adgrid, I won an adgrid just once since i've joined Bucks247
However, I usually try my luck every day with playing Adgrid
so, I really really like "BuxBonus Happy Sunday" or "Activity Bonus" :rock:
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Postby moriconi » 29 Apr 2013, 19:34

I like:
Great contest, honest Admin, very fast payment, microjbs and buxbonus and the daily buxmail for 0,005 $ each.

I dislike:
Low daily earning for ads, ad grid (I have not win never) and the rented referral (don't click never).
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