My experience in Bucks247

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My experience in Bucks247

Postby donaldckhui » 14 Jun 2013, 04:15

I have been with Bucks247 several months, I found that earning from the site is not high. I suggest that the '0.0006' ads increase to '0.001' and '0.0003' ads increase to '0.005'. If earnings are increase, it will attract more users.
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Re: My experience in Bucks247

Postby PTCplayer » 14 Jun 2013, 06:13

Dear donaldckhui,
As a free member you can easily earn +$0.07. This is not bad; I will say this is more better than many other sites.
And how will you earn +$0.07? Read here: Re: my earning

You said to increase the click value from “$0.0006” to “$0.001” and from “$0.0003” to “$0.005”. Can we do this? Let’s calculate.

Suppose, if you purchase an advertisement package of “Micro Ads”, you pay $0.90 for 1,000 clicks ($0.0009 per click).
Members earn respective amount from the ad:
Standard: $0.0006
Bronze: $0.0009
Silver: $0.0012
And higher memberships have higher click values. For details see “Advertisement prices, timers and click values

You can easily calculate that the Admin is giving almost total amount to the members what he earns from the Ad. If he increases the click value, it will also increase the advertising rate and so it will discourage the Advertiser to advertise here.

Now tell me, “What do you want after this details?”

In my view we have an easy solution, if we upgrade our membership, it will increase the click values. ;)
I upgraded my membership to “Gold” and I am earning $0.0015 from “Micro Ads”. :D

Note: Before upgrading your membership read it.
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