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Postby jamc222 » 30 Jun 2013, 04:04

   I consider it one of the most important qualities a PTC is trust. This quality, is itself a value added to any website that is engaged in the business of advertising. If we consider the fact that we are sitting in front of a computer screen, where there are virtually no direct relationships, it is understood that is a value hard to win and in my opinion very precious.

  Trust is a quality, intrinsically related to the interaction between different groups of people, is a purely human value, that be developed resulting in greater commitment rapport or members of a group toward a common activity, however, is not easy to earn this quality. Trust is extremely intuitive, sensitive and fragile, must be earned with a lot of honesty and commitment: with great dedication to achieving positive, consideration and respect. That is why in many situations, makes the difference between a good or bad manager. I hope I've interested in the subject. Sincerely, jamc222
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