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Happy sunday

Postby scaius » 30 Jun 2013, 11:29

Friends with this post I try to reach a new personal bonuses and contests record and get the most in only one day. So I alredy post my activity for june which bring me my first bonus. I will get also the happy sunday bonus soon after clicking ads and grid which brings the second bonus. And with this message I will have the required four posts to get the Get paid to post in June bonus which will be be the third bonus. And if luck will join me here I may win something at the grid.
This is what it makes this site such a wonderful place to be.
Big thanks for all those opportunities dear admin and good luck to all members to thair winnigs !
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Bucks 24/7 Veteran
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Re: Happy sunday

Postby PTCplayer » 30 Jun 2013, 16:08

humm ... You're going well. Keep it up.
I think you missed a bonus, that you can easily achieve if you received payment in this month:
"Get paid to post your Bucks 24/7 payment proofs". ;)
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