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Something new about buck247

Postby Tushavi » 24 Sep 2013, 17:10

Hi all

first of all I congratulate the admin of bucks247 & its team to working day & night & achieve these goals which are given below, I would like to share these important achievement of bucks247 in this post

> 1st Buxhost site which is still in ptc-investigation elite list now, (Infinitybux is also added on elite list but within a month it turns scam).
> $3 Minimum Payout which are very nice If you have some active DR's.
> Admin is understanding, hard-working, punctual & Super active on tickets & support forum answers.
> I makes a daily website clicking list & bucks247 is second one on my list which I never forget to click ads.
> One thing is missing & its called Rented Referrals, I guess buck247 have to introduce RR too...

Thanks Bucks247 I really likes you...
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Re: Something new about buck247

Postby PTCplayer » 24 Sep 2013, 18:22

Thanks dear Tushavi for sharing your opinion/information with us. :)
But for your information, RRs are not missing here. As the RRs are real human at Bucks24/7, they are not bots.
And our Admin made some criteria for RRs, so, it is difficult to get the RRs here. You can see the standards for RRs here.

See the screenshot of my account summary give below. You will know that I have 17 RRs. :)

account_summary.jpg (91.31 KiB) Viewed 1858 times

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Re: Something new about buck247

Postby Bucks 24/7 » 24 Sep 2013, 18:58

Thank you very much for your post Tushavi. I am glad you like our service :)
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