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About Rental Referral

Postby fathi1999 » 13 Jun 2015, 07:45

Admin Can You Start Referral Bot? :b247:
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Re: About Rental Referral

Postby Bucks 24/7 » 22 Jul 2015, 18:28

Before the 20th person asks for a reply here...

...the answer is simple: No!

We know how to save our as well as our clients integrity and will not sell it for some more $$$. I suggest you join the big green one to give your bot experience the full flavor you seek. Or you join one of the 99 out of 100 Evolution sites which use bots! Or any of the NextGen sites that masks rented referral usernames, disables the rented referral distribution map, disables the click history graphs, resets the last click date and is therefore most likely (99.99%) using bots as well!

The majority of sites uses bots, so that means you have plenty of sites to choose from but you won't get to see that feature on this one!
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