More earnings for referral clicks

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More earnings for referral clicks

Postby Bucks 24/7 » 02 Mar 2014, 14:35

Our timers and click rates have been partially changed on 1st March 2014.
The changes have been applied in order to make us able to continuously provide competitive priced advertising campaigns.
Members now receive 66% to up to 100% more for some of their referral clicks.
Some of the rates for your own clicks have been slightly changed as well.

The old click rates
Standard Ads - 30 seconds - 100% own clicks - 100% ref clicks (values on the upgrade page)
Mini Ads - 15 seconds - 40% own clicks - 40% ref clicks
Micro Ads - 15 seconds - 12% own clicks - 6% ref clicks
Fixed Ads - 5 seconds - 6% own clicks - 2% ref clicks

The new click rates
Standard Ads - 60 seconds - 100% own clicks - 100% ref clicks (values on the upgrade page)
Medium Ads - 30 seconds - 40% own clicks - 40% ref clicks
Mini Ads - 15 seconds - 10% own clicks - 10% ref clicks
Micro Ads - 10 seconds - 4% own clicks - 4% ref clicks
Nano Ads - 5 seconds - 1% own clicks - 1% ref clicks
Take a look at the click values for each membership here.

Bucks 24/7 paid on time, each and every payment request since 2009 and it will not stop.
Thousands of sites launched and quickly disappeared again but Bucks 24/7 is built to stay.

If you do not like the changes or this site please try your luck with the hundreds of newcomers and frauds going to launch this year.
We will be here until you gathered your own experience with the fast pace of get paid to sites nowadays. Good luck!
You may also want to take a look at our Microjobs/Tasks in order to earn more money to your account balance.

If you got any further questions or problems please do not hesitate to send a support ticket.
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